Marco Rissi
C.P. 370 - Porto Uniāo - SC
89400-000 - Brasil


The fascination with amateur radio began in 1981 when I became a radio amateur at the age of 18. Over the past 40 years, telegraphy has become my greatest passion. To this day I train and practice it every day. This multifaceted hobby enables me to have radio connections and an exchange with the whole world. Of course, I also use radiotelephony, radio data transmission and other modern operating modes. This website is for radio amateurs whose passion is at least as great as mine or for those who want to acquire their knowledge. Have fun exploring and hopefully I can pass on some of my fascination to you.Beste 73 de Marco, PP5ZX

Shack - Office


YAESU FT 991A - 100 W - CW - SSB - Digital

YAESU FT 450D - 100 W - CW - SSB - Digital

Macbook Pro - RUMLog NG Logbook



Cushcraft R8
40 m to 6 m


40 m to 160 m

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The fastest way for a PAPER QSL is:Marco Rissi
C.P. 370
Porto Uniāo - Santa Catarina
89400-000 Brasil

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Project IT/HAM 21/22


RaspberryPI 4 with 8 GB RAM
1 TB Diskspace

The nextcloud works fine since 02.05.2021.


- The antenna construction project has started.
- The material lists have been drawn up.
- Procurement of materials is underway.
- Start of installation work in December 2021.
Life on our farm is not without its dangers. Unfortunately, I have to stop the project.


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Morsekurs für Anfänger

durchgeführt im virtuellen Klassenzimmer

In 20 Kursabenden lernen wir alle für den Amateurfunk notwenigen Morsezeichen.

Wir benötigen dazu:



Gratissoftware Skype/Telegram/BBB


Bleistift und Papier

Praxis-Infos und Tricks

durchgeführt im virtuellen Klassenzimmer


Einführung in das richtigen Tasten mit Handtaste.

Funkstation & Antenne

Abkürzungen/Q-Codes/ etc.

Contest QSO

DX Stationen / Splitbetrieb

Mein 1. CW QSO


Coach individuell nach Absprache


Vorgehen zur Steigerung der Qualität und Geschwindigkeit.

Weitere Themen nach Absprache.


Kurskosten - Morsekurs CHF/EURO 200.-

Kurskosten - Praxiskurs CHF/EURO 80.- 1)

Kurskosten - Aufbaukurs CHF/EURO 80.- 1)

1) Für Teilnehmer Morsekurs (100% Anwesenheit) gratis

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CallsignCo OpDateTime UTC
HB9OPascal, HB3XRP19.06.2208:00 - 14:00
HB9OAmerigo, HB9GII10.05.2208:00 - 14:00
HB9OKurt, HB9BWR01.05.2208:00 - 14:00
HB9OSven, HB9DXB/AC1LW26.04.2208:00 - 14:00


Op at 4U1ITU (1983)

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